Concrete Pipes & Precast – Products Manufactured & Our Manufacturing Quality

MJB Industries is a locally owned and operated company in Australind, WA. Pride is taken in being able to produce premium concrete pipes and components that not only meet Australian Standards but also the high standards of Main Roads Western Australia and the WA Civil Construction Industry. 

Concrete Pipes

Concrete Pipes manufactured at MJB Industries are produced in Rubber Ring Joint profiles, as per the standard AS/NZS 4058 for Precast concrete pipes (non-pressure). They range in diameter from 300mm up to 2100mm  and are available in classes of 2, 3 & 4. If your project requires a higher class pipe or for the allowance of aggressive ground conditions, we can manufacture the pipe to order. Please enquire with our sales team.

Concrete pipes manufactured by MJB Industries with a diameter from 300mm to 900mm have an effective laying length of 2.34 metres, whereas our larger pipe range, from 1050mm upwards, have an effective laying length of 2.44 meters.

  • Machine manufactured precision ensures dimensional accuracy.
  • Identical joints for all pipe classes, eliminating the need for manholes when changing class.
  • “D” profile rubber ring design which improves jointing properties and minimises the chance of detachment during installation.

The manufacturing techniques employed by MJB Industries produces little waste product. Pipes found to be unsuitable for sale are either recycled or available to be sold as a Regrade Pipe

Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts

We manufacture a wide range of box culverts that range in sizes from 450mm span box culverts up to 6000mm.

Link/Lid Slabs and Base Slabs are also available for both single and multi cell configurations, all our Box Culverts are made to Australian Standards AS1597.

If you have projects requiring box culverts outside of our standard sizes or need a culvert with a greater load rating, Railway Loading for example, you can consult with our sales team and we can work with you to ensure you get the right product for the job.

Specialty Precast and Ancillary Products

MJB Industries can manufacture precast concrete products to your specifications. This can include:

  • L-Shaped and T-Shaped Retaining Walls
  • Custom Shaped Concrete Panels

We manufacture a comprehensive range of civil engineering precast products including:

  • Manhole Access Covers
  • Sump Covers for Road Drainage and Stormwater
  • Septic Systems & Leach Drain Products
  • Soakwells
  • Cattle Troughs
  • Parking Bay Wheelstops
  • Road Barriers
  • Cast Iron Products in Concrete Surrounds
  • Headwalls


MJB Industries Spun Liners are factory manufactured as per AS/NZS 4058 with Class 2 reinforcing. Liners are available from 900mm diameter up to 2100mm. These are available in various heights to suit your drainage requirements.

The MJB Industries Liner System comes in a range of sizes with various lids, covers and surrounds to complete the system. MJB stocks a vast range of components used within the stormwater range of drainage products, enabling clients to purchase all items required for a job from the one place using one order.

This system provides real savings and advantages including:

  • Fast installation, reducing time and labour costs
  • Immediate backfilling resulting in less clean-up and increased safety
  • Reduced dewatering and shoring costs in poor ground conditions
  • No added labour costs or job hold ups as pits are installed by the pipe laying crew as needed
  • Pipe and pits can be ordered together
  • Head losses are reduced when compared with square pits, as the circular shape assists in hydraulic efficiency
  • Sumps or silt traps are easily obtained by deeper installation then required for drainage purposes
  • Orientation is simple, allowing for easy alignment to suit the pipelines
  • When installing pipes we recommend that the holes be quick cut into the liner to suit our various sized pipes.

We also supply a range of:

  • Cast Iron Circular Manhole Covers
  • Cast Iron Grates & Frames
  • Cast Iron Covers & Frames
  • Galvanised Grates & Frames
  • Bolt In/Knock In Step Irons

Manufacturing Quality

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry we have the capabilities and resources to meet all your needs. All products are manufactured to QEHS Management Systems ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. It is our policy to check and control our quality procedures and co-operate fully in any vendor assessment or inspection. This ensures that our customers receive a reliable product and a finish of the highest quality. 

We invite you to call us with any inquiries that you may have. Please contact our sales team on