MJB Technical

MJB uses Bi-Directional Roller Compaction (Bi-Di) technology which is controlled by the latest meridian batching software to ensure consistent and high quality products are manufactured.

The Bi-Directional compaction technology was first introduced and accepted into the Australian concrete pipe market from the USA in the mid 90’s. Since then many manufacturers have used this technology to enhance their production outputs.

The Meridian batching software plays a crucial role in ensuring first grade pipes are produced. This software gives the user the ability to very accurately select the amount of raw materials and moisture to be included in each mix.

By using the Bi-Di technology it allows MJB to get exceptional dimension accuracy and consistent high quality results with great strength in the pipes once the manufacturing process is complete. The exacting nature of the process requires dimensionally accurate reinforcement in the start to deliver a continuous one-piece reinforcement cage throughout the pipe barrel, from spigot to bell.

Using a unique welding machine to create a circular design allows the completed pipes to be laid in any position with no specific top, saving time on installation.

With such advanced production machinery and the ability to re use and recycle all excess materials it ensures a virtually no waste environment.

Since opening MJB has invested the time and effort in fine tuning this software to deliver the best and most consistent finished products to our new and existing clients, using some of the best machinery in the world.

When purchasing each raw material that is used in the manufacture of the pipes, MJB chooses to use suppliers who conform to the relevant standards associated with the concrete pipe manufacture industry. MJB likes to support other locally owned businesses and tries where possible to use local products and services.

MJB has an in house load testing unit along with the relevant procedures to ensure that the items produced meet the criteria set for concrete pipes as per Australian Standard – AS3725: Loads On Buried Concrete Pipes. Due to the size of the operation and size of the workshop MJB has the ability to produce over 150 pipes per day.

As part of the overall process MJB ensures that all manufacturing and testing equipment is maintained and calibrated as per regulatory body requirements to ensure minimum down time in the event of a break down and consistently manufacture products.